What Does TV PG Mean on Netflix/Hulu/DisneyPlus? (Which Ages Can Watch)

Have you ever watched a movie or television show on a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or DisneyPlus labelled “TV-PG”?

Did you know? – Since mass media and television have become commercialized worldwide, many regulating bodies have been established. These days, the ratings for every movie, web series and comedy you watch or plan to watch are based on their substance to ensure that each motion picture may be classed for different types of viewers.

So, if you are still interested in knowing more about TV-PG and which ages can watch it, then follow this article until the very end. 

You’ll discover the rationale behind these ratings and how they might influence your choice of programming. So continue reading if you’re interested in learning what those letters in streaming services mean.


TV-PG stands for “Parental Guidelines”, generally associated with most generic content found on the T.V. Programs having a P.G. are suitable for individuals over the age of 7, guided by their parents/ guardians when streaming. 

Some of the biggest production houses in the world, like Disney, Marvel, and Even DC, offer most of their content in TV-PG rating so it can be enjoyable for children and adults simultaneously. 

TV-PG rating has little to intermediate violence, moderated action sequences, little to moderate strong words, and mild reference to sexual content. The sequence can vary between various sub-rating of P.G. 

The TV-PG has a huge bonus: its baseline starts from age 7 when it’s just TV-PG and can extend all the way to PG-13, which is only suitable for teenagers and above. 


Who is TV-Pg best suited for?

TV-PG, a post-generic rating for programs, is suited to nearly all audiences above the age of 7. 

These programs are appropriate for all ages, according to most parents. Most parents will likely let younger children watch this program unaccompanied even though its rating does not indicate a program created especially for youngsters.

Still, the regulatory bodies assist parts in assisting children who are especially young, seven or ner, when they watch any PG-rated movie or Webs series. 

Most cartoon/ animated sitcoms fall under the P.G. category, so it’s completely fine to let your young watch them, supervised or not. 

Parental Advisory Ratings for T.V.

The main broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and The C.W., have been collaborating with U.S. Department of Education specialists since 1997 to develop T.V. Parental Guidelines that assist parents in determining what is appropriate for their children to watch by employing a light traffic system.

However, since the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, television programming has become more violent and sexualized. Parents are under a lot of pressure to ensure that they are limiting the stuff their children have access to.

Several elements affect these T.V. parental guidelines:

  • The language used in the content
  • Sexual references (if so, then to what intensity)
  • Level of violence in the movie
  • Overall theme and nature of the content

Here’s a list of all Tv ratings and what they mean(what’s the suitable age count for each rating):

TV – Y

The target audience for this content is young children. However, it is appropriate for kids of all ages.


A program or film labelled TV-Y7 FV is appropriate for viewers seven years old or older. 

F.V. is an acronym for fantasy violence. Anime or fantasy cartoons are the most common videos under TV-Y7 FV. By this age, your child should have enough cognitive development to tell reality from fiction.


All of the general television programs are referred to as T.V. G.

The target audience for these programs isn’t specifically children; rather, it’s all audiences in general. They don’t have any explicit or mature-themed content, but they might have some moderate violence and language.


Movies and T.V. shows rated P.G. contain material not suitable for children under the age of seven. Anyone above the age of 7 is guided to watch a P.G. show with parental permission or guidance.


TV-14 programming, as its name suggests, is deemed unsuitable for viewers under 14. TV-14-rated shows typically feature serious violence, foul language, and a few light sexual scenes.


TV-MA programming is only appropriate for mature viewers(18 or above, could also be 21 in some countries) since it often features crude language, sexually explicit themes, or violently fatal situations.

TV-PG consists of the following sub-ratings

TV-PG can be further divided into 16 sub-ratings based on the nature of the content. 

These contents can rate from anywhere between D, L, S, and V, where:

  • D: Some Sensitive Dialogue
  • L: Rare Use of Rough Language
  • S: Some Sexual Scenes
  • V: Moderate to Intermediate Violence

Sub-categories that fall under TV-PG are as follows:

  • TV-PG-D
  • TV-PG-DL
  • TV-PG-DS
  • TV-PG-DV
  • TV-PG-L
  • TV-PG-LS
  • TV-PG- LV
  • TV-PG-S
  • TV-PG-SV
  • TV-PG-V

Top 10 TV-PG-rated movies on Netflix

Netflix has an unending list of highly enjoyable T.V. movies, and some of their top PG Rated movies are:

  • The Swimmers – 2022
  • The Social Dilemma – 2020
  • Wildlife – 2018
  • St. Vincent – 2014
  • Still Alice – 2015
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 2012
  • Scrooge: A Christmas Carol – 2022
  • A Little Princess – 1995
  • Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie – 2014
  • Minions(all volumes)

Top 10 TV-PG-rated movies on DisneyPlus

Disney is perhaps the biggest producer of generic films in the world. Therefore they have an infinite stock of great PG-rated movies on their shelves. Some of them are:

  • West Side Story – 2021
  • Turning Red – 2022
  • Inside Out – 2015
  • Encanto – 2021
  • Ratatouille – 2007
  • Luca – 2021
  • The Lion King – 1994
  • Muppets Haunted Mansion – 2004
  • Avatar: The Way of Water – 2022
  • Avatar – 2009

Top 10 TV-PG-rated movies on Hulu

Hulu has become a huge hit among streamers and active bingers and hoasts some of the best P.G. content in the market. Some of their best PG-rated moves are:

  • This Mountain Life – 2018
  • Dinner in America – 2022
  • The Social Network – 2010
  • The Beach Bum – 2019
  • The Act of Killing – 2012
  • Pig – 2021
  • Cast Away – 2000
  • The Bob’s Burgers Movie – 2022
  • Liar Liar – 1997
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 2012


How old does TV-PG refer to?

TV-PG – parental supervision is advised; these shows might not be appropriate for younger children. 

TV-14 – These programs might not be appropriate for kids under 14. TV-MA: These shows are aimed at mature adult audiences and may not be appropriate for youngsters under 17.

Can TV-PG pronounce the F-word?

The “F-word” is generally less frequent with a TV-14 classification than a PG-13 rating. Aside from the instances above, the English dub of Black Magic M-66 on Starz On Demand has one F-bomb and is rated TV-14. Stranger Things, a Netflix original series, has a few uncensored F-bombs yet is only rated TV-14.

Does P.G. stand for 13+?

Parental Direction (P.G.).

Children under the age of 15 should not watch PG-rated material without the supervision of their parents, teachers, or guardians.

Can toddlers watch P.G. movies?

NO! Certain materials might not be appropriate for toddlers. Parents ought to watch the movie again and do further research. There may be brief instances of vulgarity, violence, or nudity, but none is so severe as to warrant anything more than advice.

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