Samsung Tv Volume Not Working or Stuck (Easy fix in Minutes!)

Samsung has always been very popular due to its innovative features and high-quality gadgets. Samsung TVs are known for their premium sound quality, and they can give you a theatre-like feeling in the comfort of your home itself.

Many people have reported problems concerning the Volume of the TV. However, this is not to deny that the Samsung TV has problems. It stops working all of a sudden or just gets stuck.

First Try These Two Simple Fixes

Here are two simple steps that you should follow when you are faced with the same problem: 

Check the Mute Status

This might seem simple, but you may often miss out on the basic thing and look for complex methods of fixing this problem. Here, you have to press the ‘Mute’ button. The Mute button will appear on the screen, and you will have to press the mute button again to restore the Volume.

Check all Input/Output Cables

If the problem is not solved by pressing the mute button, the Input/Output cables should be your next focus. The cables might be loosely inserted or inserted in the wrong place. Therefore, you might face trouble listening to audio. Please make sure they are tight and put them in the right place.

Samsung TV Volume not Working?

How to Check Your Sound Settings

To check your Samsung Tv’s Sound settings, Press the Home button on the remote. Go to settings. Select ‘Sound’, go to sound output and then choose the desired sound output and fix any imbalances that might be there. 

It is important to note here that when the Sound Output is connected only to external speakers, the Volume and mute buttons and some other functions related to Volume remain disabled.

However, if the volume problem is not solved even after the steps mentioned above, you can resort to the following steps or fixes for the TV Audio not working bug. 

7 Most Common Fixes for Samsung TV Audio Not Working Bug:

Run the Built-In Audio Diagnostic Test

The built-in sound diagnostic test can be found in the support menu of Samsung TV. This is one of the most advanced stages of troubleshooting. The location of this test varies depending on the make and model of the Samsung TV. 

  • Press “Menu” on your remote and select the option that reads “Support”. 
  • Next, you will have to select the option “Self-Diagnosis” on your screen. 
  • Then click on “Sound Test”. The TV will then play a melody through the built-in speakers. 

Although, you should make sure that the TV inputs are alright. If you hear the audio at this point, then the TV components are working just fine. 

Run the Built-In Audio Diagnostic Test on Samsung tv

However, if you do not get to hear the melody, the problem is present in the sound circuitry of the TV, or there is a high chance that the built-in speakers are damaged. 

Power cycle your Samsung TV.

Power cycling your TV helps with many things besides fixing the Volume. After being used for a long time, the TV does require a reset. 

This is a very simple step. Just unplug your Samsung TV from the wall and wait for about 30 seconds. Before plugging the TV back, hold the power button of the TV for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Ensure you are not using the remote’s power button but only the TV power button. Following this step, you can drain the residual power that might have been stored on your TV and reset the device properly. 

Reset the Smart Hub

If you are a Samsung TV user, you know that the Samsung Smart Hub is a customizable app store for Samsung TVs

Resetting the Smart Hub to fix volume problems is very useful because it helps in removing all the information from your account and safely returns the settings to their respective factory defaults. 

Reset the Smart Hub. You might be required to re-sign some of the applications you have already used. 

  • To begin, click the “Settings” or “Menu” button on your remote. 
  • From there, go to “support” and then “Self-Diagnosis”. 
  • The option of “Reset Smart Hub” will appear on your screen. Click on it. 

You will now be asked to enter the PIN of your TV. The PIN is generally “000”. If you have set a different one, use that. You will now be able to reset the Smart Hub settings on your TV and fix the volume issue. Now, you will have to delete unused apps so that the volume issue will reappear in time. 

Delete all apps to free up memory

As mentioned earlier, deleting unused apps is mandatory after you reset your Smart Hub. Sometimes, you must go out and delete all the apps if the volume problem persists beyond deleting the unused apps. 

One of the downsides of Samsung TVs is that they clog up a huge part of the TV’s memory with automatic updates. A lot of apps get downloaded even without you knowing.

  • To delete apps, first, go to the “Apps” menu. You can find this option at the bottom left-hand side of your TV’s home screen. 
  • Next, you will have to go to “Settings”, located on the top right-hand side of your home screen. 
  • Now, you can see all the apps that have already been downloaded to your Samsung TV. Most of these apps were either installed when you purchased the TV or downloaded due to automatic updates. Delete the ones not required. 

 You need to note here that there are certain apps that Samsung will not let you delete. For example, Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Factory Reset your Samsung TV 

If you have tried most of these steps discussed above and yet nothing seems to work out for you, you might have to factory reset your TV. 

However, it would be best if you were careful with this option because a factory reset will cause your TV’s information and settings to be completely erased. The process of factory resetting the TV varies from one model to another.

It is for this reason that most people do not prefer it.

To Factory Reset your Samung smart TV, go to Settings, click the “Support” option, move to Self-Diagnosis, and finally “, Reset”.

Factory Reset your Samsung TV 

Change Remotes (preferably use the original Samsung remote)

Once the volume problem has been fixed, you should consider using the Samsung remote only. It is preferred that you do not use any other generic or cable remote. 

Users who have fixed the volume problem once tend to re-invite it using a generic remote that messes with the system. 

Sometimes, a signal from a generic remote can interfere with the Samsung TV remote and cause problems. Hence, it is always better to use only Samsung’s original remote.

Is nothing working? Contact Samsung Support (Here’s how)

If none of these steps tends to help you out, then you will have to contact Samsung Support. 

You can contact them by calling the Samsung Contact Centre at 1800-726-7864 between 8 am to 12 am EST, 7 days a week, and request remote support, and they will give you the required assistance. 

You can also open the menu on your TV and go directly to the Support section. From here, you have to select “Remote Management” and then go through the service agreements and agree with them. Provide the PIN when asked. The agent will be able to access your TV once you have shared the PIN and fixed the problems. You must have a high-speed internet connection for the remote Service to work on your TV. A slow internet connection will never allow the agent to work on your TV.

The Samsung TV has many unique features and is always worth the investment. Hence, there is never a reason to not purchase a Samsung TV. The volume issue can be fixed by following these simple steps. Fix the problems and indulge in a theatre-like experience while staying in the comfort of your home.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I reset the sound on my Samsung Smart TV?

To reset the sound on your Samsung Smart TV, Select Settings from the Smart Hub panel. Click on sound and select expert settings. Go to reset sound and select ‘Reset’ to reset all sound settings.

How do I fix the audio sync on my Samsung TV?

To fix the audio sync issue on your Samsung TV, go to Settings and then All Settings. Press the Home button on the remote control and click on Menu. Scroll down to the Sound tab on the screen and then select expert settings. Finally, click Reset Sound.

Where are the audio settings on Samsung TV?

To find the audio settings, you will have to press the home button on your remote and then navigate and click on settings. Select sound, go to Sound Output and then choose the desired sound output.

What is PCM audio on Samsung TV?

PCM stands for “pulse-code modulation”. This disables the external speakers and uses the TV’s speakers only.

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