TCL TV Won’t Turn On (Try This Fix FIRST!)

TCL TV Wont Turn On

When it comes to cheap and affordable TVs, TCL has been the go-to name for people. Be it basic LCD and LEDs or QLED TV Sets, TCL provides the best value for money.  Most TVs nowadays are built to last; the same goes for TCL TVs, but that doesn’t mean your device isn’t susceptible to …

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TCL TV Light Blinking or Flashing – Easy 5-Minute Fix

TCL TV Light Blinking? Quick Fix!

TCL has been one of the biggest names in the world of television for over a decade. Sleek, modernized design, award-winning picture quality, and affordability are just a few features that make them one of the best value for money.   But what happens if your TCL Tv is not responding and blinking red? Well, firstly, …

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How to Turn on a TCL TV Without a Remote (6 Easy Ways)

Turn on TCL TV Without remote

Nothing is worse than a broken TV Screen but losing a TV remote can be pretty frustrating when all you want to do is sit back and relax while watching that recently released but already-famous Netflix series.  The irritation of not being able to continue watching the story after last week’s cliffhanger can be an …

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